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Winter "Skyline" (chilly - not chili)

Sundown in the city of Cincy.
Sundown in the city of Cincy.


  • LuAnn 6 years ago

    Love the "Mirror Image". Great article. I look forward to the next one! Thanks.

  • RiverRat 6 years ago

    Great pictures. You're right, it's always pretty down by the river at dusk.

  • CincyShutterbug 6 years ago

    With so many gray days lately, it must have taken a while to get these pics. Haven't seen a sunset that pretty for quite a while. Thanks for sharing this one!

  • Regina 6 years ago

    The pictures are beautiful and show the talent of a beautiful photographer and the gift she possesses.

  • Linda 6 years ago

    What a beautiful sight. These pictures were just beautiful. I love the work you do.

  • Misty 6 years ago

    I love the article. The pictures are great. I didn't realize how beautiful it was on the river! Thanks! Looking forward to the next article!

  • Julie 6 years ago

    Nice pictures of the river. I liked the last one too!

  • Nancy 6 years ago

    The 6th photo was my favorite. The tree's own beutiful design on the sky was captured as the photographer also captured the beauty of the skyline.

  • Norman 6 years ago

    Beth, I liked all the photos, but my favorite was the one taken in the mirror. I saw that I'm not the only one to say that. Keep up the good work.

  • C Niples 6 years ago

    Ms.Steinhilber, What a talent!! I'm seeing your works more & more in & around the Cinti. area. Coincidentally, I have also read your book. Never know where you will pop up next. Hope you stay with the Examiner!

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