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Winter's natural wort chiller

Winter Wort Chiller
Winter Wort Chiller
Brad Darnell

Some home brewers take the cold winter months off from home brewing and focus on other tasks/hobbies. Those who plug along as if the temperature outside were not near zero meet many challenges. But winter need not take away an opportunity to brew, in fact it give an opportunity to brew.

So, despite sub-freezing temperatures outside, bundle up, grab a brew, and, well, brew. When reaching for the water hose and find it frozen just like everything else around, winter beckons. That 4 foot snow drift is now a wort chiller. Let those frozen hoses stay frozen; they are not needed anyway. With a plummeting temperature and plenty of snow around, that wort will be to yeast-pitching temperature in less than 30 minutes. Take a look at this Colorado Springs Winter Wort Chiller:

This setup costs much less than those copper tube wort chillers. In fact, it is free. Another plus is, there are no leaking hoses. Home brewers always have been inventive, creating or making equipment themselves. Embrace that ingenuity, and Brew on Brewer!