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Winter's Bone premiere hits high note


The Flyover Film Festival ended last night with a dramatic crescendo as Winter’s Bone wowed a crowd of movie patrons and local celebrities. The film stars Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence and is coming off top awards at the Sundance (Grand Jury Prize) and Seattle (Top Director and Top Actress) Film Festivals. Lawrence and the film have put themselves in a great position for Academy Award consideration.

Winter’s Bone is a gripping thriller of a girl, Ree Dolly, who must take care of her ill mother and younger siblings amid dire circumstances. The girl’s father recently put their cabin home up as bond after being arrested for cooking crank, a family business. Ree must hunt down her father before the sheriff’s department takes the house and breaks up the family. Unfortunately, no one wants to help her.

The film restrains from high violence while maintaining the rising intensity that fuels that violence. Edge of your seat tension is punctuated by an impressive cast of professional actors (Lawrence and John Hawkes) and authentic amateurs from the surrounding Ozarks. Director Debra Granik gives a touch of humanity where it would have been easy to keep the heart at a distance.

The movie should be available everywhere in late June. Send me a message at and let me know what you thought.


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