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Winter recipes: Absent Sour Hour



  • Kelly 6 years ago

    I'm a new fine arts examiner for Columbus and your article interested me because my fiance and I have been choking down a bottle of absinth from Prague the traditional way. Your drink sounds way better! I used to bartend myself. Thanks for the tip.

  • Justin 6 years ago

    Unfortunately, the modern absinthes available in the US are tremendously weaker than those of Hemingway fame... There are some interesting articles out there about the chemical properties of absinthe and whether the wormwood truly has any hallucinogenic properties.

    You should do a follow up, recommending the best brand for top effects. :)

    I would be highly interested in reading that...

  • Bar ho 6 years ago

    I am such a fan, I wish you would write more articles, I have been waiting since January for you to make another entry on your blog, oh how I wish you would write something more...

  • Profile picture of Ryan Hlubb
    Ryan Hlubb 5 years ago

    I am such a fan of your drinks and your writing, oh how I wish you would write just one more article....

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