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Winter recipe: Keep Me Toasty cocktail from Vivo Cocina


It's winter, and that means you need some bourbon to warm your belly! But winter in Austin means one day you're freezing and the next day you're melting. This drink, devised by Vivo Cocina's bartender, Mary Richardson, works well no matter what the temperature is outside. 

Mary took the concept behind a good Manhattan and tweaked it using pecan flavored syrup as a sweetener and the maraschino liquor and orange peel for bitter notes.

While this drink is chilled, it can definitely still warm your insides. It's nutty, rich, and satisfying but still cool and light, and its beautiful color will have everyone around you asking what you are drinking. It's not on the menu currently at Vivo, so find Mary and she'll whip you up one special. 

Keep Me Toasty

Mix liquors over ice and chill vigorously, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Pinch the orange peel over the cocktail to release oils, rub around the rim of the glass, and then drop into the drink.


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