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2014 Winter Olympics

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Winter Olympics start before Olympics Opening Ceremony? Early start is TV gold

Winter Olympics start before Olympic Opening Ceremony
Winter Olympics start before Olympic Opening Ceremony
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have started. Which has many fans asking why the Olympics Opening Ceremony hasn't kicked off yet. The answer doesn't have to do with the sports, but with the scheduling around the big event that needs to be broadcast around the world. According to USA today on Thursday, the issue of scheduling comes down to TV and money.

Apparently the scheduling of high profile events like figure skating will draw the television viewers in before the Olympics Opening Ceremony and give people a reminder to be on time for the kick off. With so many sports being seen in Sochi, there needs to be an incentive for the two weeks of heavily televised sports. Add that the cameras are rolling for countries around the world and every network broadcasting content has to be able to entice their viewers.

Obviously the decision comes down to money too. With over two weeks of programming to cover, the networks are getting another day out of the Olympics. Turning 17 days of Olympic coverage into 18 days sounds simple, but it means a little more work for everyone. With commercials, viewership and other elements it seems the extra day is more cash for the Olympic coverage too..

For the viewers a chance to watch one more day of Olympics isn't all that bad. In fact it’s an awesome opportunity to learn more about Sochi and sporting events held in 2014. Plus just another reason to cheer on favored athletes.