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Winter Night Time Makeup Tutorial

Don't let the cold winter nights keep you cooped up inside! While it is great to stay snuggled on the couch, there are still plenty of things to do out on the town. I am completely in love with this makeup look. A dark grey smokey eye and a bold pink lip. This look is so perfect for a wintery night out to dinner or the movies!

1. Moisturize your face so that you have supple skin not only to apply your foundation but to prevent it form drying out in the cold air.

2. Apply concealer under the eyes. Use a shade 1-2 shades lighter so that you can really brighten up the under eye area.

3. Apply foundation and set it with powder. Contouring is optional but I would suggest dusting some pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.

4. Fill in the brows to make them stand out. You want them to be bold, especially for a night out. With the smokey eye, it will really bring everything together

5. Apply a silver shaded eyeshadow all over the eye lid.

6. Chose a shade 2-3 darker than the silver, more of a gunmetal color and apply that to the outer half of the lid.

7. Take a black eyeshadow and apply to the outer corners. With a clean blending brush, blend everything together and smoke out the edges.

8. Apply whatever shadow is left over on the brush to the bottom lash line. Apply a white highlight to the inner corner of the eyes.

9. Line your lids with a gel liner and you water line with a black pencil. Next apply mascara and/or false lashes.

10. With a pink lipliner, line your lips and shade them in. Then apply a creamy, bold pink lipstick.

That completes the look! Check out the video to see step by step how it is done!

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