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Winter Haircare From Sensai

Sensai wonder-haircare
Sensai Cosmetics

As the winter continues to drag on this examiner finds herself turning for remedies to get her skin, hair and nails into skin baring shape. Sort of a "Field of Dreams" mentality – if you prep it, warm weather will come! That’s why, as the dry air continues to dehydrate my locks, I turned to the experts at Sensai, an ultra-luxe line of cosmetics, skincare, body care and my personal favorite, hair care and treatments.

Wondering how these super-products packed such a punch, I reached out to Kanebo Sensai for answers.

Tell me the one thing I must know about the brand.
The Sensai Collection is based on the precious qualities of Japan's Koishimaru silk combined with the most advanced skincare technologies.

What makes it ideal for healing winter hair?
The Sensai hair care collection is perfect for winter. Each product is rich and creamy, with ingredients that nourish and aid recovery. Sensai Volumizing Shampoo – A fortifying formula featuring Soybean Extract to nourish. Sensai Balancing Conditioner – Recommended for damaged and dull-looking hair, this moisturizing conditioner features royal jelly extract to nourish and soften hair. Sensai Intensive Hair Mask – Recommended for severely damaged hair, this nourishing mask features ten oriental herbal extracts to offer extra care and repair while imparting smoothness and shine.

How did the inspiration for the line come to you?
I wanted to create a hair care collection that included the precious qualities of Japan's Koishimaru that leaves the scalp and hair saturated with moisture.

We asked what Kanebo’s must-have winter product and no surprise they named their own line… we can’t agree more

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