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Winter great for less fleas - difficult for fur

This spring is going to unusual for our pets. First we have had unusual weather this winter, which weather will feed directly into the spring. The part of our country which has had the coldest temperatures will have a blessing in the form of very little fleas or tics. However, in the warm weather the pets may need to be groomed because their hair is so full and heavy.

This tip pertains to any pet which lives with us. Even hairless pets have been wrapped in warm clothing to maintain their health. This will need to be taken off the pet slowly, perhaps in three days or week of time. If there is a long hair cat in the household, it is very possible the cat may need 'stripping' this is a grooming measure to take not only matts but also some of the hair covering the body. You can get this done at the Veterinarian that is usually frequented.

This is the type of weather with the unusual aspects when we need to pay special attention to all the immunizations being up to date. As the ice is melting the pets outside are drinking from the puddles. This also means that in this kind of weather radiators have burst from the extreme cold and that may mean puddles have antifreeze or oil in them. It is important we be even more vigilant of the pitfalls surrounding these pets.

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