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Winter Fun and Festivals in New England

Winter Sunset in New England
Winter Sunset in New England
credit: P. Shoesmith

Winter in New England = unpredictable and cold with a mix of snow, ice, mud and rain.  The colors out the window are varying shades of grey and white. The rush and excitement of the holidays are over.  The new toys have already become old. We've rung in the New Year and celebrated with every cold bug, ear infection, animal flu (from bird to swine), and virus available to us hardy New Englanders.  There are no signs of spring and we're actually looking forward to a conversation with a groundhog. And, to top it off, winter vacation is still a month away. The winter dull-drums have officially set in.

Lucky for us, there is a bright side to winter in the form of a variety of winter-related events and festivals that celebrate and highlight the beauty of the season.  Suddenly, the snow-covered trees outside the window begin to twinkle and shimmer in the last purple and orange hued light of a spectacular winter sunset.

For some enjoyable winter fun in New England, check out some of these festivals that celebrate the arts, the people, the fresh food, the outdoors, and winter traditions of New England:




New Hampshire

Rhode Island


New England, general

Keep checking back for UPDATES to get you through the long winter ahead!


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