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Winter fix for natural curls


Will the beautiful weather ever come knocking on our door? Or are we stuck in the everlasting life of a cold and wet un-wonderland? We hide behind our pony tails, our hats and anything else that covers our hair until we can at least control its crazy nature. For all those curly and naturally wavy hair vixens out there, I say embrace it. Hiding your natural beauty can make this winter even more depressing. Some great products that can help tone down friz and keep those locks beautiful; try Beach Bomb by AG. What is so great about this product; besides smelling like coconut, is that it creates bombshell-worthy waves that are natural, full of texture and sexy. It is a light-weight, salt free cream that is infused with keratin protein, silk, amino acids and their Curl Creating Complex to keep hair looking healthy. To use, just scrunch in a small amount into damp hair; add more if needed. It is also great to use in the summer if you are wanting to go for a more natural look because it can get real hot out if your using hot tools on your hair, further damaging it. The longer you can go natural, the more your hair will thank you for it.

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