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Winter Drinks for Each Sun Sign

Nothing feels better than cuddling up with a blanket and a hot beverage during winter time. There are others who would rather have something cold even at this time of the year. Not sure what to drink to prepare for yourself? You Sun sign can help!

Regardless of gender, Aries people like “manly” drinks such as spirits. These are good classics to have in the winter for a quick warm up if you add some hot water and a bit of honey.

Taurus do just fine with a beer. European varieties which can be easily found in America are Beck's and Heineken. For a warmer drink, choose any hot chocolate variety.

People born under this sign need company whenever they drink, whatever they may be drinking. So next time you find yourself at the bar, experiment with unusual cocktails or drinks with unusual names, such as Absinthe.

Cancer individuals prefer cozy, classic drinks. Beverages like hot spicy buttered rum coffee with a splash of Kahula are perfect picks for this comfort-loving sign.

Given that they’re sophisticated and royal in attitude, Leos have a weak spot for premium brand liquor. This is why one of the best combinations for these folks is a hot blueberry tea made with Grand Marnier, honey, and amaretto.

Virgos don’t drink anything cheap and they don’t settle for anything of low quality. The most suitable drinks for you are specialty wines and micro-brewed beers.

For people born under this sign, the design of their drinks is just as important as the taste. They particularly enjoy champagne, elegant and fine, combined with the sweetness of fruit.

When it comes to Scoprios, their motto seems to be “The darker the better.” Beverages which have bourbon, dark wines, scotch or dark rum in their combination are to be served in a dimly lit bar or restaurant.

Sagittarians prefer classics, but with a twist. For example, an Irish coffee – good ol’ coffee with a splash of whiskey brightens their day. Another variety of coffee to take into consideration is Spanish coffee with Kahlua, rum, and whipped cream.

Classic cocktails suit best this Sun sign. Capricorns never say no to a gin and tonic or to standard martinis. They enjoy drinking high-quality liquors which satisfy their good taste.

Aquarius individuals keep their quirkiness even when it comes to drinking. Their taste in drinks varies from kamikaze shooters to elegant champagne. As for caffeinated beverages, Keoki Coffee is ideal for this sign of the Zodiac.

Pisces particularly enjoy wine tasting - a glass of high-end dessert wine is always a nice choice. Cocktails based on cognac are bound to satisfy this sign’s tastes, so go for a mix of cognac, hot chocolate, and whipped cream.

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