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This winter has been hard on all of us, our four legged companions as well. As the snow comes down we worry about shoveling and ice. We spread the ice melter everywhere so we don't fall. Great for us but what about the feet of our companions. Be sure you use table salt or paw safe ice melter. Some of these kids even will wear boots. These help them stop slipping, keep the ice balls off their feet, and the dreadful salt. If yours will not wear boots, be sure to wash their feet when they come in, and putting balm on the pads doesn't hurt either. That will help keep the pads rom drying out and cracking. In the frigid temperatures be sure to not let them stay out to long either. Frost bite and hypothermia affects them as well. When cabin fever strikes try playing interactive games with them. The stores have some good ones, or improvise. Cookies bones under the hand works, and let them find the right hand. If there are children in the house let them add their hands to make it more interesting. this also teaches them to play still games with their companions. The short haired, and the little might even like to have a coat on. Think about how your head feels out there. Of course a good game of snow balls is always fun for all, just be sure to warm the 4 legged ones up, just like the kids when everyone comes in.

Here is wishing all winter safety until Spring comes.

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