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Winter dating ideas: Mount Vernon ski resort

Tired of the winter yet? With this winter packing in some of the coldest winters on record, alongside some of the most brutal snowstorms in years, its safe to say just about everyone shares the sentiment right about now that Spring cannot come soon enough. But that doesn't mean we have to hibernate in our homes, counting down the days until the warm weather. There are plenty of great winter dating ideas that will make the cold weather seem not quite all that bad.

My favorite suggestion for today. Head to Mount Vernon New Jersey and hit some of the best ski slopes around. This area is full of beautiful mountains, ski lodges, and nearby restaurants. Skiing is not only fun and exciting for a date, but will help form a physical bond between the two of you, as you will likely be picking each other up all day long! And what better way to cap off a great date than a nice romantic evening, sitting by the fire, and sharing stories over a glass of wine.

Finally, don't forget that the fun at Mount Vernon doesn't end once the snow fades away. Come summer time, Mount Vernon turns into one of the best water parks in the tri-state area, which will make for a whole new slew of fun dating ideas.

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