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Winter cruise

Riding a SkiDoo MXZ800 on a beautiful winter's day
Riding a SkiDoo MXZ800 on a beautiful winter's day
Ken Spears

What to do when the snow flies, give in to cabin fever or venture into the arctic tundra? If your a car person and have spent three quarters of the year outside at car shows and cruise nights then the answer is for you to venture outside. Time in the garage working on the fair weather friend is OK but what about blowing off a little steam from being cooped up inside the house? There's the old school sports; skating, sledding and cross country skiing but car people march to the beat of a different drummer. If you haven't ridden a skimobile yet, then you should give it a try. Yes, buying a new sled can be expensive. Some go for as much as a new car, used sleds may be a better value and can be had for several hundred to a few thousand dollars. Another option is a rental; it provides all the fun without the long term issues of cost, maintenance and storage. Check with your local and state authorities on registration requirements and riding locations.

Once you have the details worked out, a day on a sled can be exhilarating and spirited. Sleds, in general, are fast, fun and an exciting way to spend some time outdoors; think of it as an off road motorcycle. Ensure that you are wearing appropriate gear for the temperatures as well as the required safety equipment; a helmet should be worn by all riders at all times. Riding with experience riders will ensure a safe and well mapped out ride as well. The smell of two stroke in the air gets the blood pumping and with the squeeze of the throttle you can rocket through the backwoods and open fields of your riding area. Stopping every so often to take in the view is highly recommended as you are most likely miles from any major highway, enjoy the wildlife but stay far enough away so not to endanger them or yourself.

Riding with the kids makes the experience even better, albeit a slower one. Watching their faces as they wind through the woods or see a moose for the first time is a moment they'll remember forever. Take plenty of photos, you'll want to remember those moments as well. Time spent on a wintery adventure is time well spent, the winter will pass quicker and seem a little more enjoyable. With spring around the corner, you'll have some great stories to share with your car friends at the first cruise night of the year.