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Winter crafts for children: Snowflake wreath

craft foam can be used to make a wreath
Sheila Buck

Winter is a wonderful time for children to make crafts. There are days when it is too cold to play outside. Sometimes, when it snows, children wait until the storm is over before playing outside. There are also a few school vacations that fall throughout the winter months. The following is a winter themed wreath craft that children can make to keep busy when the weather is cold.


Many of the materials that are needed to make this craft may be found in the craft box at home. The rest of the materials can be purchased at the Bangor Super Wal-Mart store. The following materials are used to make this craft:

Printed snowflake template

Blue and white craft foam

Paper plate




Hole punch

6-8 inch piece of blue yarn


Some children may find this craft to be a bit challenging. Small children may need help with the tracing and cutting of the snowflakes. The following are the directions for this craft:

  • Choose an area to make the craft. Place the crafting materials on the surface.
  • Use the scissors to cut the center from the paper plate. Discard the middle of the plate and set the outer ring in front of you. Make a hole in the outer ring using the hole punch. Thread the string through the hole and tie the ends together. This will be the top of the wreath. If you don’t have a paper plate you can make a cardboard ring.
  • Cut the snowflake shapes from the paper. Set the smallest snowflake aside. Using the marker trace the larger snowflakes onto the white and blue craft foam. You will need approximately 12 white snowflakes and 11 blue ones. Set the snowflakes aside. Use the scissors to cut the snowflakes from the craft foam. Take out the small snowflake and trace 11 of them onto white craft foam. Cut them from the foam and set them in a separate pile.
  • Glue a layer of larger white snowflakes around the paper plate ring. Overlap them a little bit if necessary. Let the glue dry. Glue the blue snowflakes onto the areas where the white snowflakes meet. Try to cover all of the front side of the paper plate ring. Let the glue dry.
  • Take out the small white snowflakes and glue one to the center of each blue snowflake. Let the glue dry.
  • Hang the wreath on a wall or on the front door.
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