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Winter break is over, back to school

Winter break is over, pjs all day.
Winter break is over, pjs all day.

For many of us today and the subsequent days mean back-to-school. After the wonderful winter break we need to shake off the lazy bugs and the dusty cells in our elementary age students’ brain. The dust from Christmas trees, candles and baking pans have almost completely settled. Now, how do we possible get ready for the rigorous routine of waking up, breakfast, off to school to learn, learn, learn? After having a break from our usual full day of study, lunch room play, reading, writing, and the long awaited after school bell to ring how do we “warm up” for it?

It is amazing how during the elementary years students are the most resilient, bounce back, easily evoked little humans! So may I suggest just a jump start.  A dance party, shouting match or just a simple ritual of “the last lazy-iez I’ve got” act should do the trick. A dance party is a time slot reserved for right before dinner, which is usually before bed to avoid over stimulation. It requires a minimum of fifteen minutes of parent lead (which means you participate and lead) dancing! Fun, fun, fun is the only rule. Oh and maybe one more rule: kid’s ears appropriate music. Parents get your dancing attitude on, the sillier the better and encourage nonstop dancing! I promise if you put in the effort you will smile on the inside and outside. Having a shouting match is another suggestion. The title can be a little deceiving as it implies shouting at one another. But, instead it’s a great way of being silly and loud at the same time, without the chaos. The only rule is you have to shout I LOVE YOU and nothing else. Other than that rule you can shout as loud as you want, can. Put the kitchen timer on and shout! Try it for five minutes, you and your child will feel absolutely ridiculous. The ritual of “lazy-iez” is simple….don’t get out of your pajamas all day and lounge around all day! Don’t do one chore, order in if you can. Resort to delicious peanut butter, banana and jelly sandwiches with huge glasses of milk with ovaltine….yummy. It can be a perfect dinner for breakfast, breakfast for dinner date.

Take time to discover what silly things you and your family can do to easy off the daily grind. Most importantly remember to show your child how to have a little bit of fun, let loose and enjoy life. We often forget in the rush of a hectic day to truly enjoy our children.


  • Cindy 5 years ago

    These are great ideas. I feel like using them on any given weekend.

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