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Winter Blues..

Dear interested reader this article will be short and to the point, also there will not be a finger pointing at anyone in this particular article.

To start I think to myself with the sun not being around as long and even with it being around it can be blotted out by the sun giving us less energy to be as productive as we usually are. The results may be to drink more coffee, energy drinks, or simply the opposite which is to eat and eat and eat with hardly any exercise except for walking from our warm houses to our heated up cars and to our warm jobs.

Finished with execuses: I used to belong to a boxing gym in, Minnesota. I miss it more than anything. Not only do I miss my friends, and now I could probably call my family anytime I walk into that particular gym right off of Main Street but I miss the intense workouts that got me out of my warm apartment and into a sweaty musty gym to work out with good people.

I am not saying you should join boxing, although those workouts besides those at wrestling practice back in highschool wrestling were the most intense sessions of workouts I have ever been through, especially when the weather began to warm up.

I simply have to say that there is no such thing as human hibernation. I have to say that we can adapt to anything under the sun, especially weather related. Granted we live in minnesota and the weather may be -20 or worse with the wind chill which should be your off days but what I am saying is bundling up for a nice walk to get your blood pumping and sharing nature with your loved one or just yourself. Something I get out of watching a movie once in a blue moon is how there is adventure where ever you go. After watching the Hobbit it really got me wondering what was out in the forests, of course there weren't orcs or elves or wolves out there but the trees and the animals that can with stand the natural cold.

Gyms are nice because they keep you warm, you can lift weights without have frost bite in the cold. Maybe its just my twentysomething brain working here but I believe bearing with some of the cold weather is what makes me a human, simply able to adapt to what surrounds come about. That is what I love about life, and what makes me the animal my ancestors once were. So even if you do not have a so-called gym why not create your own.

Some of the tips are by my own experience and are just little suggestions, I am only writing this to keep people active I do not hold myself reliable for others faults or mishaps.

Step one is a easy way to get your heart pumping: which is run, jump, and yes I will say it play! Play your butt off or your gut or your what ever has you down in the dumps about winter.

Step two is for strength and possibly energy: find something to through around like a rock or log. Of course test its weight, you do not want to mistake the weight and pull your back apart. Once you have that weight figured out toss that sucker around, if its weight is lite enough than throw it over your head, and again just have fun.

Step three is to give yourself time: I try not to live by an alarm but if you must than set your clock a few hours early (two hours) and just go. Have fun and play. If you dont have logs or rocks to throw around than find a park to jump around at or build your own weights, such as filling up a back pack with clothes. I don't know, I am just making this up as I go, why can't you do the same? Give yourself the time you need because I know by experience that work can be overbearing and the last thing you want to do is get zero percent of excercise.

There is not a step four, these basics steps should get you up and moving and please start to read my articles I know I can give you better advice than this one short insert. I have been extremely busy and well everyone knows how tough work can be.

Keep heathy and have a great day/night

yours truly,

Robert T Castro.


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