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Winter Biking Part II

My last article included some tips biking in the wintertime. One glaringly overlooked aspect of winter biking is what condidition you are in. A lot of us put our bicycles away for the winter and wait for spring to go biking again. Then after we have feasted on all manner of fatty foods, and the holiday treats it's time to break out the bike and get back in shape.  Take some time to exersize moderately before you tackle those steep grades and trails again. I suggest some mild calesthenics and stretching exersizes.

Then cycle a couple of miles at an easy pace unless of course, you are a pro biker or zealous biker. The important thing is that you cannot lay off for a couple of months and expect to perform at your peak no matter what form of off season exersize you do. As important as balance is to biking, take the time to reaquire it's intricacies before jumping that first curb/hill.

Finally, this may be the ideal time to get that yearly check up you've put off for the last three years. As our body ages, it changes in ways that may be quite sudden. A circulatory system that worked fine last year may have aquired a new blockage that can only be detected at the doctor's office or at the hospital. Your choice. See you on the trails.


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