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Winston Salem Pediatrics – An inside look & tips from their doctors

Winston Salem Pediatrics has fun, painted rooms for children to wait in!
Winston Salem Pediatrics has fun, painted rooms for children to wait in!
Photo By Suzy Fielders

One of the most crucial things for a working mom is having a pediatrician they trust and keeps their kids healthy! For those living in the Piedmont Triad one such pediatric office that offers just that is Winston Salem Pediatrics. The doctors, nurses and staff are always helpful and friendly and best of all they offer evening and weekend hours which is a must for working mothers. Best of all this office truly listens to parents and knows that generally speaking mothers know their children best and take that into account, unlike many medical offices.

Dr Wiley & some of the Winston Salem Pediatrics staff posed for this picture with patient and writer’s daughter Sarah.
Photo By Suzy Fielders

Upon interviewing Dr. Wiley & Dr. Rice, they provided some great insight on Winston Salem Pediatrics, child health, a few medical tips and answered some commonly asked questions.

Winston Salem Pediatrics was originally started in 1970 by Dr. Jerry Bennett who stayed there until he retired five years ago. It is located at 2808 Maplewood Ave in Winston Salem. An interesting fact about this practice is it has no affiliation with Novant or Baptist, making them the last remaining independent pediatric practice in town. Since they are a privately owned practice it creates a unique environment where “the doctors who make and enforce the rules and policies for our practice are also the ‘worker bees’ along with our staff allowing us to ‘treat’ all children as one of our own” states Dr. Wiley.

A commonly asked question is what are some tips for new moms, especially what should they look for in their infant and when is it time to see the pediatrician. Dr. Rice gave this advice, “New moms should call their pediatrician whenever they have a question. We all know that is a lot at first, and every office expects that! Basically, they should look for a sudden change in their baby. Moms typically have very good intuition when something is wrong, so if they are worried they should call.”

Their office treats sick and well children from birth through adolescents. Most mothers who come to this office will be very sad when their child ages out at 18 but do not worry as they do recommended doctors for those that age out!

The three most common illnesses they treat are infections (mostly URIs), abdominal pain and rashes, but they are equipped to handle most illnesses. In cases where a child is sent to a specialist Winston Salem Pediatrics works closely with the patient and parents from referral to diagnosis and treatment. When is it recommended to see a specialist? Dr. Wiley said “the most frequent referrals are for recurrent ear infections where they get sent to an ENT to see if ear tubes are needed”. Another referral often given is for allergies or asthma, especially for skin allergy testing as this usually is only done at an allergist. Dr Rice stated, “As primary care pediatricians, we are able to stay involved with the management and treatment through communication with the specialists. Their notes are scanned into our electronic medical record system, so we receive updates when a patient sees a specialist.”

For those late evening or early morning hours when their office isn’t open the doctors and nurses are still available as they have a 24/7 phone nurse triage service. When a parent calls in they talk to one of the offices’ nurses. If it is something that a doctor needs to address, or if a parent just wants to talk to the doctor, the doctor on call is contacted. They do not share calls with any other practices so it is always a doctor at their office.

Another frequently asked question by mothers is what are some tips for staying healthy year-round? While simple and straightforward the advice Dr. Wiley says, “Frequent and proper hand washing cannot be emphasized enough as the most important means of preventing infection & staying healthy!” She also gave some tips on healthy diets. Here are a few based on ages. Ages 1-2: whole milk is very important as is read meat or other sources of iron, no juice is best and limit the carbs. Above 2 years old: low fat dairy 3 times/day, 4 cups of water, 5 servings of fruit and veggies, small amounts of protein daily and avoid bad carbs.

Both Dr. Wiley and Dr. Rice are working mothers themselves so they can certainly relate! Dr. Wiley has a four year old daughter named Maggie and Dr Rice has two sons (Cole who is eight and Sam who is five), a nine month old daughter Anna Kate and is expecting a fourth child. They both gave some amazing advice as working moms themselves to other working moms.

Dr. Wiley gave the following advice, “Your child young once and it flies by! If you are a busy career mom, put your child or children on your schedule! Set aside time for your child daily… any amount of time is better than no time. Your time is the most valuable gift you can ever give someone and your time is most well spent on your child or children!”

Dr. Rice gave this advice, “Do not get caught up feeling guilty. When moms today are questioned compared to 40 years ago, even working moms are spending more time with their children than moms who stayed at home 40 years ago. Just try to enjoy the time with your kids, but also do not give in to every want they have because you feel guilty for working. That will end up a miserable situation for everyone in the end!” Both of these women gave some phenomenal advice and as working moms we should take it to heart!

Learn more about Winston Salem Pediatrics by visiting their website, ‘liking’ their Facebook page, or calling their office at 336-765-9000 to set up a consultation today!

**Writer’s Note: My seven year old daughter has been going to Winston Salem Pediatrics since birth. The doctors & staff there are always friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They truly care about their patients and actually listen to parents concerns about their children. They also are phenomenal at referring the best specialists and working on diseases and health problems throughout the entire process.

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