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Winow replacement is a good option.


Replacement windows work on all homes..

Now is a good time to take a look at your windows. If your house is at least twenty years old you most likely have single pane windows.

If you look closely at the panes you can tell if they are double glass.

Even though our winters are pretty mild around Columbia you can still save a lot of money on your power bill with properly insulated windows.

Summertime takes it's toll too. Hot sun and cool air can pass through poorly insulated windows. Air that you are paying for.

There are several window companies around the Columbia area that will give you an estimate on total window replacement cost. Pella and Anderson are higher end products but still have some very reasonably priced windows.

You would have to be pretty handy to attempt the job yourself but it can be done by home owners who have a good selection of tools. It is a job where experience really counts so do a lot of research before attempting to do the job yourself. The big stores like Lowe's and Home Depot have a good selection of replacement windows and are always willing to help explain installation methods.

Most vinyl siding installers also deal in replacement windows. They can do the job really fast and are quite experienced in that line of work.

As always make sure you are dealing with licensed and insured companies.

When your windows are replaced you are also re insulating around and behind them.  All edges are caulked and sealed. You will save money on your power bill and your home will look better.

Total window replacement is a great way to improve the value and quality of living of your home.