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Winning the ADHD battle through organization

The cell phone is off limits while Will Stewart and his brother Harry finish their homework in TN.
The cell phone is off limits while Will Stewart and his brother Harry finish their homework in TN.
AP Photo/Christopher Berkey

Families are struggling to raise their "challenging children". Dealing with ADHD is frustrating, and it is so easy to feel like giving up. Parents can fight back through organization.

Organizing routines for ADHD children is a great way to establish a greater working relationship that will go a long way in reducing stress in both you and your children. The problem many parents face when they start new routines, is giving up before the new routine has had time to take a meaningful affect. Your children will not want anything to do with this new way of life, and will scream, kick, and do just about everything they can to put a stop to it. You have to be fully committed to hanging in there for the long haul.

First you must make a new routine list. Map out how you want your mornings, afternoons, and evenings to go. Figure out what goals you are trying to achieve. Having things mapped out in a time scheduled format is best and you have a greater chance at success if you stick to time guidelines. For example, having your child do his homework at the same time every night, in the same place, or making sure you have dinner the same time every night.

If you are having trouble putting your children to bed, try establishing a bedtime routine; such as, brushing his/her teeth before bed and then settling them down with story time. There are so many ways you can transition into these new routines. Change will take time. Find out what works best for your family. This new system will help more than just your children; the whole family will benefit and know what to expect.

Setting these new routines will not be easy to start and follow, but if you want to achieve success, you have to be willing  to hang in there. Talking about your problems with your spouse, friend, or therapist can help ease your mind; and they might even have some great advice for you.

If you find you need support, there is a group who meets at Tates Creek Christian Church here in Lexington. The name of the Local Coordinator is Lisa Baradaran and the number is 859-967-9508.


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