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Winning Mega Millions with NY Group Play

JackpotDotCom's first winning Mega Millions ticket.
JackpotDotCom's first winning Mega Millions ticket.
Terence P Ward

The dedicated players of JackpotDotCom had their first win in the June 29 Mega Millions drawing.  One member daringly picked "35" for the Mega Ball, earning the team a thrilling two-dollar return.  After the champagne was poured and the cigars lit, however, the question arose:  what to do with all that money?

NY Group Play does have rules for this - it's the "rebuy threshold" of the team which matters here.  JackpotDotCom has a $20.00 rebuy threshold, so winnings can't be shared until the team makes that much.  

The next question that came up wasn't covered:  should the team save that two dollars, keeping track until it hits a total of twenty bucks in winnings, or does it go all in and just buy more numbers?  Faced with the prospect of keeping track of two dollars separately for months, if not years, the team's captain elected to buy more numbers and settle the matter that way.

But then how to pick those numbers?  A quick conference with a majority of the team brought out the best option:  the new numbers would be picked by the NY Group Play Number Psychic.  The captain had to record those numbers under his own name, since there isn't any way to credit them to the team overall (so it also makes it look like the captain paid more than his share this time around).

Overall NY Group Play doesn't seem to solve the problem that playing the lottery together means being together.  Coming soon:  a discussion about playing the lottery together without a web site to help.