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Winning a Capricorn Man's Heart is a Game of Patience

Capricorn is an Earth Sun sign with a Cardinal quality, so if you want to win his heart, you will have to pay attention to the subtle cues. Just like you detect metals with a special piece of equipment and lots of patience, it is the same with winning a Capricorn’s heart.

Men born under this sign have a lot of things to offer, but it takes time and sensibility in order to discover all of them. Although keeping his composure on the outside, on the inside lie intense passions and desires, reason why this man takes his time when it comes to love but eventually becomes a pleasant, loyal life partner.

It is safe to say that those attracted to a Capricorn are quite reserved and traditional, too. Capricorns show a serious face to the world, tending to play the role of the wise elder even at an early age. Nobody want to anger them because their inner strength and determination are so intense, they’re almost tangible.

If you are at your first date with the Capricorn man of your dreams, keep your composure, stay calm, and don’t burst into uncontrollable laughter – this irritates Goats, making them question your qualities. However, he is a man who loves a good joke, so good humor can bring the two of you closer. The secret is to be disciplined in both your thoughts and humor: don’t push too much, too fast.

Loving a Capricorn involves equality and respect between partners. Even though during the period of time when you are dating he can be just as hard to understand as the legendary Sphinx, in time he will open up and soften. The Capricorn man looks for a serious, long-lasting relationship which empowers him, enhancing his career as well. His ideal woman is intelligent, independent, and confident.

He is the kind of partner who seeks to empower his woman, wishing for her to achieve the best and to be successful in all life areas. Given that he is focused on his work, things are bound to go better between the two of you if you’re also working on developing your own skills and towards certain big goals. Being able to socialize with ease is a big bonus for the Capricorn man, because that would represent an asset for him.

The Goat is all about tradition and doing things the right way. He may seem old-fashioned, but that is what makes him so reliable. Whenever he falls into a melancholic mood, make him feel appreciated and cherished in order to brighten up his day. However, you also need to learn when to leave him space to be alone and put order in his thoughts. The period of courtship might extend indefinitely without you feeling that you have actually impressed him, but have patience – this is, in fact, the only way to win the heart of the Capricorn man. Patience is key.

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