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Winners of Earth Day project at Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences announced

The winners of the sixth grade Earth Day project at the Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences in Santa Rosa were announced today. The project consisted of students creating movie trailers to learn and educate others about recycling and was sponsored by Green Patriot Hauling. Green Patriot Hauling selected the winners in three categories: E-waste, organic waste and metal recycling and supplied prizes to the winning teams and certificates of appreciation to all of the students.

Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences
Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences

The students in Room 33 of Kawana Academy of Arts and Sciences made the movie trailers using Ipads and the I-Movie app. Each team decided how to make their own movie using footage from video on campus and pictures off the internet.
The biggest challenge was figuring out how to send the movies electronically. All in all, it was a fun class project that gave the students an understanding of how important it is to keep things out of the landfills and to recycle as much as possible. You can view and comment on the top movie trailers on the Green Patriot Hauling facebook page. “We were really impressed with the students creativity with this project. It was tough to pick just one winner in each category” said Will Sloan, owner of Green Patriot Hauling.

Teacher Martha Menth states “It was a great learning experience because we were able to use our technology in creating the movie trailers for a relevant community project...what better way to learn about recycling than to make a movie trailer about it?”

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