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Winner 2014 Doritos Super Bowl commercial: Ad Meter picks $1 million winner

2014 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercials
2014 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercials
YouTube Doritos Crash the Super Bowl

Which 2014 Doritos Super Bowl commercial is the winner of the $1 million prize?

There are five finalists (videos below) in the annual ad contest, and the Ad Meter will once again determine the big winner. The two Grand Prize winners' ads will be aired during Super Bowl XLVIII. The first Grand Prize winner will receive $1 million; the second Grand Prize winnter will receive $50,000. Both creators will be at the game on Sunday and will also will be invited to join the crew on the set of the upcoming Avengers movie, Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Competing this year for bragging rights in the "Doritos Crash the Super Bowl" contest are the following commercials (click the link to view the video).

2014 Doritos Super Bowl Finalists

  • Time Machine: Ryan Thomas Anderson created this funny commercial, his fourth entry into this yearly contest. A little boy asks a man to give up his Doritos for a chance to go in the time machine.
  • Finger Cleaner: Guy who loves Doritos needs to clean his fingers off after consuming a bag full of nacho cheese Doritos. He sticks his finger in a hole and it's cleaned off by a guy working at a desk on the other side of the wall. Gross? Yes, but this ad is bringing in the views on YouTube.
  • Cowboy Kid: Vocal coach Amber Gill was inspired by her two sons, both toddlers, when she made this video. It's a cute ad that showcases a little sibling rivalry.
  • Breakroom Ostrich: An ostrich gets blamed for eating all of the Doritos in the breakroom. Created by by Atlanta TV producer Eric Haviv, he told NBC 11 that it took eight hours of filming to get 15 seconds of ostrich footage.
  • Office Thief: Worker is accused of eating all the Doritos in the office and has the evidence all over his face, shirt and in his pockets.

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