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Winless Dallas Cowboys have a lot to worry about

Wade Phillips is losing control of the winless Dallas Cowboys
Wade Phillips is losing control of the winless Dallas Cowboys

The winless Dallas Cowboys are already being called the NFL's flop of 2010, and I don't blame the pundits who are doing it.

The Cowboys are running out of excuses. The offensive line has its starters back, the offense is healthy (was healthy) and the defense was supposed to dominate. 

Losses to the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears are about as shocking as it gets. No one could have predicted what happened this past Sunday when the Bears picked apart the Dallas Cowboys and made them a one-dimensional team. 

Should we even wallow over the past? 

Up next are the undefeated Houston Texans, which will be a tougher game than the Skins and the Bears. 

Tight end Jason Witten is expected to play after sustaining a concussion and throwing a fit on the sidelines on Sunday. The Bears had a field day with Witten this week when two players claimed he was scared to take big hits.

Mike Jenkins, who was also injured Sunday, is expected to play. But does this team have the confidence? 

The press in Dallas say the confidence in Wade Phillips is so low that it's not even measurable. Columnist Kevin Sherrington says Phillips is not a likely candidate to pull off an amazing turn-a-round similar to what the New York Giants did in 2007. Phillips is not leading this team and quarterback Tony Romo is playing with little inspiration. Sherrington makes a good point:

How did Coughlin's personality change help? He instituted a leadership council of 11 players who gave him regular input. They stopped seeing him as an iron-willed adversary. In turn, they learned he wasn't only out to make their lives miserable.

Compare Coughlin's situation with that of Phillips: As far as coaching styles go, it's like a drill instructor and camp counselor. Phillips contends screaming doesn't instill discipline, and he's right. Coaching is about holding players accountable on every play and making them understand there are repercussions. Don't tell the media they played well most of the time. You can't let a player think it's OK to execute most of the time. 

Who is holding the players accountable in Dallas for all of the mistakes that have been committed in the first two games of the season? These mistakes cost the the Cowboys wins in BOTH games. 

Where is this team's identity? How long is Jerry Jones going to keep his faith with offensive coordinator/assistant head coach Jason Garrett? If there is a coach in the NFL whose playcalling has been undeniably bizarre, look no further than at Garrett's playbook. 

Of course, I cannot harp enough on my constant concerns with giving the field goal kicking job to David Buehler. The bone-headed move is coming at a serious cost right now. 

But what's more mind-boggling is how the Cowboys defense is unable to create turnovers. An interception or a fumble recovery is such a rarity for this team. I've never seen a team struggle so much to create turnovers. 

Starting the season 0-2 is no laughing matter, no matter how confident Cowboys fans are that the team will turn things around. Only 13 percent of NFL teams make the playoffs after starting 0-2. Terence Newman dropped a bomb on the team's coaching staff when he questioned if the team practices hard enough. 

"We have to make it a game situation in practice. That's just what it is. We go hard in practice, but maybe our intensity needs to go up a little bit. We've got to do that as players and not worry about the coaches."

The comments are enough to send chills down the back of your neck. His remarks irked Marcus Spears enough to counter by defending the defensive line.

"That D-line group that I'm in and that room that I'm in, we go to work every day," Spears said. "So I can't agree with that comment from my perspective. . . . Push the panic button and say these guys need to come together and talk. That's not the issue, man. We've got to play better." 

Is it the offense that's playing cupcake football? Tony Romo and his offense is not exactly lighting the field on fire. Even without mistakes, the Cowboys offense is not making plays, and it seems as if everyone is underachieving sans wide receiver Miles Austin. 

I will get more in depth about this throughout the week, but one thing the Cowboys must do is run the ball more and better. Marion Barber was running the ball well against the Bears in the first quarter only to be replaced with Felix Jones. A hot player should never be removed from the game, and doing so shows the weak offensive acumen of Jason Garrett. 

Am I right or wrong?




  • ERIC PRUITT 4 years ago


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Mr. Telvock, if you are indeed a professional journalist as the homepage asserts, why do you not respond to the comments that question your professional ability? Your last post about Ware's neck injury was questioned on two levels. One post questioned a factual issue: did Ware miss a game because of a neck injury, or was it just a part of the NO's game? Your use of "smalled" as a verb was also queried. Your lack of a response suggests that you are much more of a 'blogger' than a journalist. I dread the day when 'blogger' becomes synomous with 'journalist'.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Oh my, Mr. Telvock commits yet another very basic grammatical error. In the 3rd last paragraph, he writes: "Tony Romo and his offense is not exactly lighting the field on fire." Clearly the subject "Romo and his offense" is plural; hence, the verb should be "are", not "is". WHat has happened to the American education system when "writers" do not know their basic verb tenses?

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Hey Telvock, Christmas is coming up, you should ask Santa for a dictionary. Your line "everyone is underachieving sans wide receiver Miles Austin" suggests you need one. "Sans" means 'without', not 'except'.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This site is not merely a blog; it claims that Mr. Telvock is a professional journalist. Remember when journalists were associated with protecting freedom of speech and condemning censorship? Remember when real journalists printed retractions when they made a factual error in a story? Apparently that has all changed; I am shocked at the recent lack of journalistic integrity of this website. They recently removed three of my comments posted about this story. First, let me explain that some comments deserve to be removed if/when they are abusive, racist, or contain profanity, but I assure you that none of the removed comments contained anything of that sort. My posts were very critical of Mr. Telvock and his abilities as a journalist. My first post queried why he did not respond to 2 questions about his previous blog about Ware’s neck injury. I stated that I did not think that “smalled” could be used as a verb. Second, I stated that the article was wrong when it said that Ware missed a game last season because of a neck injury; in fact, he missed PART of the game against NO. My second post was also about grammar. Telvock writes “Tony Romo and his offense is not exactly lighting the field on fire”. I suggested that the subject ‘Romo and his offence’ is plural, and therefore the verb should be “are”, not “is”. I also suggested that the writer buy a dictionary because he wrote “everyone is underachieving sans wide receiver Miles Austin”. The word “sans” means ‘without’ – it does not mean “except”. The funny part about Telvock’s decision to remove my posts rather than respond to them, is that his recent blog about the possibility of Phillips being fired refers to another blogger as a “knucklehead”. I did not resort to this type of name-calling, yet Telvock had my posts removed. It seems like someone can dish it out, but can’t take it.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    It looks like my original comments have been returned. Now I seem like a repetitive jackass. Thank you for re-posting my comments. And my apologies for seeming redundant.

  • getalife 4 years ago

    Hey Anonymous guy

    Get a Life instead of harassing others. Guys stalking guys might lose one's "man-card"

  • bevomav 4 years ago

    I keep hearing about how the Cowboys should keep running the ball. They don't run because they can't run. Garrett's offense scheme has linemen pulling nearly every run play. The problem with this is the guys in the line are too frigging slow to make the block. Faster LB's are simply running around them and getting to the ball carrier. We are having trouble getting to the line of scrimage. MOre zone blocking is what is needed not crazy formations . Power running.

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