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Wingsband Soars Across AXS TV's Worlds Greatest Tribute Bands

In 1971 after leaving the Beatles, Paul McCartney formed a follow up band that would be his next creative endevour for the next 10 years. He named the band WINGS and almost like life imitating life, Ardavan Sarraf has created an alternate tribute band sculpted in part from members of his more well known group The Fab Four. He calls this band, WINGSBAND: A tribute to Paul McCartney and Wings.

Wingsband on AXS TV-slide0
photo by Sal Gomez
Wingsband on stage inside the Whiskey A Go Go
Photo by Sal Gomez

On Monday night March 10, 2014 “Ardy” brought this band to the Whiskey A Go-Go on the Sunset Strip to perform for a nationwide audience on AXS TV's “World's Greatest Tribute Bands” show hosted by that bundle of energy Katie Daryl. Over the past 3 seasons Katie has personally selected what many consider to be the best tribute bands from across the country to perform in front of a nation wide television audience and WINGSBAND did not disappoint.

Wingsband's set was breezy, energetic and as a true English person would say...their performances were spot-on!! With band members Ron McNeil, Rolo Sandavol & Michael Amador from the Fab Four immersed and surrounded by immensely talented musicians, Ardy soared through a set list from the WINGS catalog including JET to Maybe I'm Amazed, and Band on the Run to Goodnight Tonight. The WINGS catalog may not be as vast or daring as Paul's other band The Beatles, but it is popular and altogether familiar and successful. If you are a fan of Paul McCartney or his former band the Beatles you really need to see and experience WINGSBAND in person.

And lest I forget...this show featured a special appearance by that 80's child actor icon Corey Feldman who looked just as excited to hear Wingsband play as the rest of the crowd inside the Whiskey.

Don't forget to tune in to AXS TV and relish in the fun that is The World's Greatest Tribute Bands.

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