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Wingin' It for the Super Bowl: The Best of Chicken Wings

Wingin' It for the Super Bowl: The Best of Chicken Wings
Chef Larry Edwards/Casa de Cuisine

According to statistics, the Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for the consumption of chicken wings. There is just something about munching on bones with very little meat which makes us want to watch grown multi-millionaires bash heads. Perhaps chicken wings revert us back to our Neanderthal roots. Regardless, they can be delicious and they go so damn good with beer!

Of course the most famous of all chicken wings are the dreaded Buffalo Wings. A very simple wing preparation with no imagination and a boring texture and taste. People usually nosh on them after too many beers because at that point anything tastes good. The fact of the matter is, chicken wings, when properly prepared do have a lot of taste and can be a great deal of fun to eat.

This year during the Super Bowl, as the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks try to annihilate each other, you can enjoy their gridiron frivolity with true wings gusto by ignoring the typical Buffalo Wings and enjoying wings which will make your lips and tongue smack faster than Miley Cyrus in a whorehouse!

To get the recipe and see the picture of the chicken wings we're presenting, just click on the lovely blue linked title.

Southwest Wicked Wings: When we do chicken wings at Casa de Cuisine, we do them the right way. We blast them in a chili buttermilk bath and then we dredge them in reality. We make them where you can actually taste the damn chicken. These suckers are so moist and tender, they fall right off the bone.

Whereas the other guys and gals who don't really give a damn will almost cremate their putrid little chicken wings, we actually use heat to do ours. The result is something edible and tasty versus something you can only gut after you've swilled a keg of beer!

Spiced Maple Glazed Wings: Spiced Maple Glazed Wings are perfectly prepared chicken wings with a sweet and savory taste that will have your lips flapping faster than a politician pimping for votes. When making these wings you are going to want to use real maple syrup and not that fake flavored corn syrup usually referred to as "pancake syrup." This is important as you want the true flavor of the maple to blend with the other flavors.

This is a very simple recipe to prepare and as you will note, we use no preservatives, no processed ingredients (also known as poison) -- just pure and natural ingredients so... eat up!

Ginger Garlic Barbecue Wings: The allure of those things called Buffalo Wings has always baffled me. They are usually over-cooked and lets face it, after the first few they lose their taste and texture. In all actuality,they may be the most boring chicken wing dish ever created. When you're swilling beer and cussing out referee's, you want a mouthful of goodness and here is where these great new wings come into play. They have a nice spiciness to them which is accentuated by the subtle sweetness. Yeah, they may be the perfect party chicken wing!

The internationally bestselling cookbook from Chef Larry Edwards, "Edwardian Cooking: 80 Recipes Inspired by Downton Abbey's Elegant Meals," is now in it's third printing and available worldwide in both hard cover and e-book versions. The paperback version will be released March 4, 2014.

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