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Oprah Winfrey: Tina Turner battled flu, not dead

Recording Tina Turner attends Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball at the Bacara Resort and Spa on May 14, 2005 in Santa Barbara, California.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey says Tina Turner is not dead and did not have a stroke. Friday, Oprah took to Twitter the same day and denied rumors that the legendary singer died or suffered a stroke at her home in Zurich, Switzerland. Instead, the popular talk show host said Turner was merely under the weather, wrote EOnline on Feb. 14.

The Valentine’s Day rumor began when someone on Twitter inquired about rumors floating around on the Internet that the "What's Love Got to Do with it" singer had a stroke.

Winfrey quickly put the rapidly-moving rumor to bed by setting the record straight on what really happened.

Oprah on Tina Turner stroke claims:

Has anyone else hear/read that Legendary Tina Turner recently suffered a stroke?

— JASMINE (@CarpeDiemJBS) February 14, 2014

The Queen of Talk, who flew to Zurich in 2013 to witness her friend's wedding to her longtime beau/manager, experienced some alleged racism during her visit overseas.

Then, while the billionaire media mogul went about her merry way shopping in Switzerland, she was encountered by a sales associate who apparently didn't recognize her. Imagine that?

Essentially, Oprah inquired about a purse, but was quickly told by the associate that it was "too expensive" for Winfrey. Shockingly, she didn't show it to her. O was a good sport about it and left the store without causing a scene and affording the misinformed associate a huge commission.

"There's two different ways to handle it. I could've [sic] had the whole blow-up thing…but [racism] still exists, of course it does," Winfrey said in an interview. And as most celebs do about their strange encounters, she took to Twitter and said: "Turns out the store clerk did me a favor. Just found out that bag was #38K!!! She was right I was NOT going to buy it,"

It's unknown how the Tina Turner dead and stroke rumors began, but with Oprah on the horn, this rumor should crash and burn in short order.

For now, she’s “Rolling on the River.”


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