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Wineries can make a good spot for a wedding!

A unique idea but one that is becoming more common is to have weddings at wineries. Wine plays a part in most weddings as it’s the commonly used beverage when making toasts. Since a wedding is wine oriented why not hold it at a winery.

Modern day Wineries are not stompin' grapes by bare-purple-grape-juice-tinted-feet anymore. It's probably hard to imagine a wedding at a winery because some tend to think of the pictures of the past where workers were literally stomping on grapes in ginormous wooden vats a-la Lucy and Ethel style. Now-a-day wine making is a science that incorporates high-tech machinery and operations on acres and acres of beautiful plush vineyards. These acres can provide a beautiful background setting for a wedding. Your guests will be captivated by the beauty of the land, regardless of which winery you choose.

For the most enchanting event day of your life inquire first if your favorite winery is into weddings. Some of the large wineries that offer wine tasting tours are able to accommodate a fair size crowd inside. Some are equipped with catering kitchens also on a larger scale. These wineries will take care of almost all the details including decorating, catering the meal, providing the beverages, setting up tables, etc. Their prices are per person but offer many different choices.

Although most of the rules for winery weddings are similar, each one will vary so it's important that you check ahead so you know what is and isn't expected.

For outdoor weddings, the wedding party is usually responsible for renting and setting up their tents for the guests as well as tables, chairs, portable heaters and rest rooms. It would also make sense to check what the wineries most busiest ‘working’ time is. You might not want to set your wedding in the midst of tractors and trucks flitting by with their precious cargo of grapes every ten minutes. Obviously if you’re holding a winery wedding, you will need to purchase your wine from the vineyard.
There are numerous wineries that cater to weddings. You can do an online search and find a list of the ones closest to you. This most important day of your life can also be memorable for all your guests when you choose one of these beautiful picturesque wineries for the setting. During the right season, you can be assured of some of the most gorgeous wedding pictures due to the breath-taking backgrounds at some of these vineyards. Although the idea of a wedding in a winery may seem unique to you, it's a guaranteed memorable day.

A wine themed wedding makes it also easy to select perfect gifts for your wedding party and even personalized wine gifts as wedding favors with that special touch for your guests.

So check out wineries for a perfectly great themed wedding site.


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