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Winemaker Minute – Page Springs Cellars

So many Page Springs little time!
So many Page Springs little time!
Page Springs Cellars

With Page Spring Cellars’ own Eric Glomski making headlines this week as he assumes full ownership of Arizona Stronghold Winery, we thought it a great time to sit down and learn more about the prolific winemaker, in his own words.

How did Page Springs Cellars make its mark? What is your story?
I think Page Springs Cellars made its mark in many ways. First and foremost, I think we make great wines and we have a highly interactive, educational relationship with our guests and Wine Club members. The wine has to be top notch, but the experience people have when they taste and enjoy our wine is just as important. Our winery and vineyard location is amazing, we have very passionate and educated staff, and I am personally involved in most of our onsite events as well. When it comes down to it we are not selling wine…we are creating memories, experiences, and as Robert Mondavi said “the good life”.

Where are Page Springs wines currently available in Scottsdale?
Everywhere! Well, not quite, but it is a great market for us. Some of my favorites are Cowboy Ciao and FnB for restaurants in the Valley, and then AJ’s, Whole Foods, Total Wine and BevMo for retail.

What is the best Scottsdale-area event Page Springs Cellars has participated in?
Just this past month, ​I did a “Sommelier and Chef Showdown” at Cowboy Ciao. Myself and Jeff Smedstad from Elote came down to have a “gunfight” with Peter Kasperski and his team of chefs at Ciao. There were several courses in this winemaker dinner, and each course was prepared by one of the chefs without the guests knowing who​ it was​. Each course also had t​w​o unidentified pours of wines, one that I chose fro​m​ Page Springs, and one the Peter chose from his cellar. After enjoying, thinking about and discussing each course, the guests vote on which wine paired best. At the end they chose their favorite dish. The event was oversold and was a blast. Very educational, fun and of course…tasty.

How would you describe some of Page Springs Cellars best-selling varietals?
I made 61 different wines last year, and every single one has sold out so far! For me, being a winemaker is an interplay between my own creativity and my desire to please people. Sometimes I make wine just for myself, sometimes I make them just for others.

Most of the time, it is both.

What’s new at Page Spring Cellars?
​A lot!! ​​On June 21, we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Page Springs with the Tilted Earth​ Wine & Music​ Festival. We are ​also going ​100% solar this summer​ at the winery. A new, shaded parking structure will be going up in July, and we will be the first winery in Arizona to create all its electricity onsite. ​Additionally, Corey Turnbull, my good friend and our long-time Tasting Room Manager is moving over to ​Arizona ​Stronghold to be part of our winemaking team. Paul Hay, our a​s​sistant winemaker​, will be taking his place at Page. There are also 18 acres of new Estate vineyards coming online this year.

What are some of your personal favorite wines and wineries – besides your own?
Phew…lots of them… In the Old World: Brundlmayer in Austria (they make sublime Gruner Veltliner and Muscat), Hexamer in Germany (amazing, amazing value​-​based Riesling), Domaine Siglas in Greece (wonderful, minerally, briny whites), and Produttori del Barbarbaresco in northwestern Italy (great Nebbiolo-based wines).

I had to think a lot longer regarding the N​ew ​W​orld…. Pinots from Oregon and Coastal wines from California would be my go​-​to. Domaine Serene makes great Pinot, and Navarro​'s​Gewürztraminer are ​both great wines.

Where can readers learn more?
You can join our Wine Club here, check out some of our awards here or make plans to visit our tasting room here.

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