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Wine Wine Wine

Wine Bottles at Wine the Experience
Wine Bottles at Wine the Experience
David Lau

In recent years, researchers have found that drinking wine in moderation has a number of health benefits. Naturally, since these studies have been published and publicized, wine has become quite the popular drink.

Honolulu has jumped on this trend and within the last 5 years or so, has seen a plethora of wine shops and bars opening left and right- Wine Stop, Amuse Wine Bar and Vino, just to name a few. While the climate in Honolulu is too warm for vineyards and wineries (for that go to the Tedeschi Vineyard on Maui), many of the wine bars and shops offer wine tasting events, pairing courses, and more.

For the wine novice, a great place to start is Wine the Experience  at Kilohana Square on Kapahulu Avenue. They have regular wine tasting events with friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide you through your wines. You can also purchase wine by the barrel, create your own labels and bottle your own wine there too. Get on their email list to find out about all the events they host.

Amuse  is a great place for wine drinkers that know what they like, or want to try a variety of flavors. They have over 50 wines that you can try with the purchase of a card and push of a button. It’s also a great place to go with friends, even those that don’t drink wine, as they have a full bar.

Brasserie du Vin is in downtown Honolulu, but brings a European feel with its charming décor. Their extensive wine list has also made them a popular wine bar, which also offers delicious and reasonably priced French dishes. They also have weekly wine and food pairing events  and a good happy hour on weeknights and Saturdays from 4-6 pm.

So, before they tell us that wine is bad for us, go out and enjoy a glass or two at one of these fine establishments. 


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