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Wine tasting parties are simply elegant

Tips for throwing a wine party
Tips for throwing a wine party
Cristine Struble

Whether celebrating a girls night out or reconnecting with friends before hibernating in winter, a wine tasting at home can be an enjoyable evening. Having a wine themed party isn't just for the sommelier. Everyone can enjoy a variety of wines over some tasty morsels and some good conversations.

To make your wine party more fabulous, check out these wine gadgets to keep the bottles flowing.

Wine Opener

An easy to use wine opener is key to a wine party. Personally, an efficient wine opener that everyone can operate is a good choice. The Smart Touch Wine Opener removes corks effortlessly using just two fingers to turn. With an easy-to-use foil cutter clips onto bottle opener, there is no searching for a knife to remove the foil. The design pens wine bottles with 75% less force than needed for typical wine openers and the twist and pull action never breaks the cork. The Smart Touch Wine Opener is sold via Viatek Products for $24.99.

Aeration for flavor

Wine that is allowed to breathe tastes better by enhancing the flavors and aromas. Some aerators have to be held over the glass at every pour, which can leave to dripping or messes on the counter. The Trudeau Aroma Aerating Pourer provides a double aeration process allowing wine to be aerated while it's inside the bottle, as well as during pouring. It's decanting, by the glass, made easy. Simply insert the aerator into the wine bottle and pour. The Trudeau Aroma Aerating Pourer retails for $24.95.

Cocktail plates and serving dishes

Food is essential for a good wine party. The downfall comes when guests try to balance a plate of food with their wine glass. The Epicurean Cocktail plates are the answer to this problem. The sleek and stylish plate offers ample room for appetizers and a groove to hold a wine glass securely. Plates come in two styles and retail for $12.99.

With guests' individual plates decided, hosts need a functional yet fashionable way to serve the food. Epicurean offers a variety of cutting boards in unique shapes that work as fun serving dishes. Cheese served on a cutting board shaped like the state of Wisconsin can be quite the conversation starter.

No more excuses to sit at home and toast alone. Grab a friend or loved one and throw a wine party this weekend.

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