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Wine Tasting Etiquette: Wine TASTING vs. Wine DRINKING

Imagine spending a lovely afternoon at a winery you have wanted to visit for some time now. You are slowly sipping a glass of wine, trying to decipher every little nuance, when suddenly a loud group entering the tasting room breaks your concentration. They are obviously drunk; yet still proceed to order a tasting.

When you plan your wine tasting trip, remember the point is to experience new wines, not to drink as much as possible. You may feel like you are being rude or that you are saying that you do not like the wine, but it is ok to pour out wine without finishing an entire glass. All tasting rooms have dump-buckets for pouring out wine and will not take offense. Wine tasting is also one of the few places where it is perfectly acceptable to spit. Again, if you don’t see a dump-bucket, ASK. Tasting room staffs, would much rather see you leave sober, than drink all of the wine that they give you.

When planning your wine tour, only plan to visit a few wineries. Planning to visit too many can often lead to intoxication. (No matter how many wineries you are visiting your should always have a designated driver.) Keep in mind that if you are obviously drunk or suspected to be, wineries will and can refuse to serve you. Plus, it is more respectful to those tasting around you to taste in moderation.

Cheers and Be Safe!

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