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Wine tasting in cyberspace


The new wave of social media, marketing and interaction is upon us, and the beverage industry has taken to riding the massive swell. Wine sales are up and wine information is more easily attainable and approachable than ever before. Type the keyword “wine” in to a YouTube search and pages beyond pages of videos will appear before you from winemaking to tasting, even bottling.

Here are some ways to get started in your search, from beginner to advanced. A simple wine search on Facebook will direct you to many wine groups that do regular tastings, food and wine pairing and updates on products. That’s an easy way to get your feet wet. Following wine through Twitter will have winos lining up to follow your every tweet. YouTube, again is a great way to sample many wine videos that have winemakers notes, tastings, winery visits. It is a very accessible tool for any aspect of wine you may be curious about. For the more advanced oenophile, one may subscribe to the renowned Wine Spectator, the undisputed authority on all things wine for the more paletted.

Recently, a little unknown winery named Murphy-Goode decided to put its marketing dollars into a social media experiment and the results put Murphy-Goode on the map. Its pitch: reach out to wine lovers for a shot at being a social media lifestyle correspondent for 6 months. The gig included paid for living arrangements at the winery along the salary of $10,000 a month. That is enough to make any abstainer to do a 180 and sign up for a wine of the month club. Needless to say, Murphy-Goode had the right idea by putting their marketing dollars on the pulse of this social networking revolution. Their users and followers increased tremendously in response to the opportunity to become involved, from blogging to becoming a “friend” of Murphy-Goode. In that time,Murphy-Goode’s wine sales increased, partially due to all the wine being drank by their video applicants. Other wineries are quickly following suite, starting their own Facebook and Twitter fan and group pages. In fact, there is a wine site that is a type of Facebook all its own. is a tool for all wine drinkers, buyers, sellers, lovers, and inquirers. Users can friend and network with other wine geeks about wine until their teeth turn purple.

Typically, online wine videos feature a winemaker or connoisseur exhibiting the tasting of wines. The narrator tastes and explains the characteristics of the wine and why you should try it. This fashion does provide the information but is usually quite dry, no pun intended. A distinctly user friendly site is Two very passionate wine experts are paired to blind taste multiple wines of any particular varietal. The reason that the site is so unique is because, rather than talking about a particular wine, the two hosts differ in taste preference and perspective on a blind tastings, describing them before any assumptions are made based on brand, price or varietals. Their light, humorous approach is very entertaining and informative for the average wine consumer.

If it seems like a lot of information to wade through, then perhaps your best bet might be to check out There you can find information about wine tastings and seminars in your local area as well as all 50 states. Regardless of your wine knowledge or consumption, you’re bound to find something that fits your needs just a mouse click away.