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Wine tasting and antiques in the Hills

...In a Pear Tree
...In a Pear Tree
Melissa Sue Photography

For anyone who lives in Austin or that is just visiting this amazing city, they can see that Austin is placed in the middle of many surrounding rolling hills originally thought to be formed from melting glaciers.  Within these rolling hills are amazing towns from ten to about eighty miles outside of Austin you will find Pecan Farms, Wine Tastings, and amazing History.

Fredericksburg, TX is about eighty miles west of Austin and the drive alone has so much to offer.  Downtown Fredericksburg, known for its German-Texas Heritage, has restaurants, antique stores, and historical plaques placed throughout.  Even if you're not quite into learning about history, you will find yourself embracing what this town has to offer.  

If you are more interested in the wine tastings, there are plenty to visit on your way to Fredericksburg and throughout the town.  Predating California wineries, Texas is one of the best places that grapes grow to perfection.  Most of the wineries along the Texas Wine Trail cost only $5 to try five wines, you may also find some that are free.  Other activities include grape stomping, relaxing by the fire with a basket of cheese and a bottle of wine, or live music which is fairly common at the wineries.  It can turn into a long road, so make sure to bring some water with you.  You may not realize until your third winery that the last ten sips of wine may have caused a little fuzziness in your vision.  

In between stomping grapes, taking in the cheese and wine, and taking in true authentic German food, make sure that you take in the breathtaking view of the hills, nature, and pear trees.  Yes, I said pear trees.  If you have never seen one of these, you must find it along Highway 290 in Fredericksburg and stop to take a picture. 

For more amazing information on what you can find in Fredericksburg, TX visit and find out what this quaint town has to offer you.