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Wine tasting 101, lessons learned while tasting wine in Arizona

Grapes, a yummy snack to enjoy while wine tasting.
Grapes, a yummy snack to enjoy while wine tasting.
Jennifer Darbison

Share Your Tastings - Really the tasting rooms do not mind and prefer not to have drunk people on the road. If you are enjoying a marathon day of wine tasting, share your tastings so you can enjoy your entire day. You can achieve a good taste by taking 2 sips of wine. Truly, a one ounce taste is more than enough for two people.

Numb Tongue - This is a term that refers to your tongue going numb after drinking too much wine. Unfortunately, when you get numb tongue you are no longer able to properly taste wine. Stay away from numb tongue by sharing your tastings and drinking lots of water along the way.

Don't Drive - This one is pretty obvious. Bring along a friend who is not a fan of wine to be a designated driver or use one of the fantastic services that are available.

Treat your wine like you treat your milk - If you are wine tasting in the summer it’s smart to bring along a cooler. Stay away from ice and fill it with frozen gel bags so your labels do not get wet. You can also bring along extra plastic bags to wrap your wine in to protect the labels from moisture.

Buy the Wine - 99.5% percent of the wine you try you will not be able to purchase in a retail store. If you love the wine, buy the wine. Consider buying a bottle to drink in the near future and a bottle to put away to age.

Take an antacid – If you struggle with heartburn or stomach problems consider taking an antacid since wine is acidic. For some, a tall glass of milk may work just as well after a long day of wine tasting.


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