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Wine of the week: Santa Ana Reserve Torrontes

Santa Ana Reserve Torrontes

Last year I came across this torrontés (2006) on Chairman's Selection, and couldn't seem to get enough of it. So you can imagine my devastation when I discovered this wine was sold out and would not be replenished in store. Fast forward to just a couple weeks ago when I saw this 2007 vintage perched on the shelves at the store as part of the regular stock. My hopes were that the Santa Ana would resurface at some point, and there it was. I wanted to shout this great news from the hilltops ... and I did tweet it on Twitter!

Even if you're a torrontés newbie, one sip and you'll be enchanted by its jasmine and green apple deliciousness. It also has the citrus and nectarine flavors that you might find in a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, but with a bit of jalapeno and green pepper on the finish. It's hard to ignore the mesmerizing floral and citrus nose, yet the slight bite on the finish balances this wine out nicely.

Stop by your local Harrisburg-area state store to grab a bottle, or check availability online before you go. It seems that the Lemoyne store has the most in stock, so keep that in mind. Cheers!

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For more info:
Santa Ana Reserve Torrontés (2007)
Origin: Argentina (Mendoza)
Price: $9.99