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Wine of the week: Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha

Red Guitar

It's definitely starting to feel like summer, which makes it hard to sit still at the office all day long. There's just something about the warm sun that's as energizing as a live concert. Before you know it, you're practically in the mosh pit. Don't try to deny it. Grab a glass and rock it out with Red Guitar.

Red Guitar is a blend of 55 percent tempranillo and 45 percent garnacha, creating a light, fruity wine that won't weigh you down. After all, summer is no time for the rich, hearty reds that you drank all winter long. You'll especially find notes of fresh strawberry and raspberry, with a slightly floral nose. The bright, ruby hue certainly adds to the festivities and makes for a tune that you can't resist.

Stop by your local Harrisburg-area state store to grab a bottle, or check availability online before you go.

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For more info:
Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha (2006)
Origin: Spain (Navarra)
Price: $11.99