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Wine of the week: Folonari Pink Pinot Grigio

Folonari Pink Pinot Grigio

OK, so first of all, don't laugh. I know, I know, this wine looks like a pretty girly shade of pink. But before you protest, hear me out. Raise your hand if you like pinot grigio. I thought so. Me, too. Then there's no reason you should be afraid to drink this pink potion.

While it might look like a white zinfandel, this wine is actually a rosé. White zinfandel is a blush wine. And having enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, rosé wines tend to be surprisingly dry, whereas blushes are stereotypically sweet.

This particular rosé is made from 100 percent pinot grigio and gets its barely-pink hue from the grape skins, which are left in contact with the fermenting juice just long enough to add a slight tint. As a result, Folonari tastes very light and soft -- a refreshing summer wine option. A floral nose is balanced with lots of ripe fruit, especially strawberry. It has a crisp finish with a tiny burst of sweetness. Again, no worries, I would consider this an off-dry wine ... a far cry from the sugary-sweetness of white zinfandel. Make sure to grab a bottle at your local Harrisburg-area state store this week at the sale price of $7.99.

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For more info: 
Folonari Pink Pinot Grigio (2007)
Origin: Italy (delle Venezie)
Price: $7.99