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Wine of the week: Barefoot Zinfandel

Barefoot Zinfandel

If there are any zinfandel hounds out there, you probably already know that there's not a lot of selection near the low end of the price spectrum. Notice that I said zinfandel, not white zinfandel. I'm talking about the red stuff. And this week, Barefoot Zinfandel is on sale for a mere $5.99 at your local Harrisburg-area state store. I think you can swing it.

I usually turn to Barefoot when affordable pinot grigio is the goal, but you should also add this zinfandel to your list of bargain reds. While it's not overly complex, this wine is very drinkable and smooth – qualities you don't always find in a cheap red. There are notes of dark, red fruit, such as blackberry, raspberry and currant. Meanwhile, the earthy undertone mixes with waves of vanilla oak to make it just interesting enough. Don't forget to let is breathe a bit for even better results.

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For more info:
Barefoot Zinfandel
Origin: California (Lodi)
Price: $5.99