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Wine is the Crown Champion of Hollywood Festivities

Red Grape Ventana
Red Grape Ventana
courtesy of PR

If there’s one refreshment that celebrities and all other Hollywood types can’t seem to get enough of, it’s wine. Any beverage for any outing will do, but for big entertainment events, wine is the only way to make the time there much more elegant and enjoyable. Of course, Hollywood is also known for having some of the finest dining establishments in the world and with every fine dining comes fine wine. It’s the most sought out drink in every joint in town.

Wine shipments to the United States from all production sources, California and other states, and foreign producers recently grew 3% to 375.2 million cases with an estimated retail value of $36.3 billion – representing 21 consecutive years of volume growth. The United States is known to be the largest wine consuming country in the world as of 2010 with over 8,000 wineries, and nearly 3,754 wineries and vineyards in the Golden State alone. But, if there’s one thing that people love more than precious vintage from their home turf, it’s getting a taste of something special from lands beyond.

Some of the best places in the world that are known for exporting their wines to some of the most prominent of events in Hollywood are definitely France, Italy or Spain. Some of the better known companies that have made a name for themselves as prime caterers to the limelight of Hollywood are STLTO Wine (the only all-woman run wine company) from founder Sarah Liberatore’s vineyard in Bruzzo, Italy; González Byassa from Jerez de la Fronter, Spain; then there’s Bourgogne from the stable of Nicolas Potel around the village of Meursault in France. People of Hollywood and California in general love to get their hands on anything exported being a culture-frenzy state.

Coordinating the finest social gathering in Hollywood is no easy task when the aim is to please numerous high-end personalities and players of the entertainment capital of the world. Picking the right venue can be tricky, but you can make any guests feel right at home with the best eats and drinks, which are most crucial for entertaining the entertainers. Once the foods are whipped up, it’s up the right beverage to wash it down and when it comes to picking the best choice in drink, wine is the crown champion of party.