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Wine is social: D'Vine Wine Bar profile

Cheese Plate at d'Vine Wine Bar
Cheese Plate at d'Vine Wine Bar
Ed Thralls

Wine is many things to many people.  It's a quaffer to enjoy with a meal, it's a special symbol for a celebrated event, it is history, it's a quest for high quality, complex flavors and even a score on the 100-point scale, among many others.  Above all, and perhaps most importantly, it is a social beverage.  Wine brings people together, feeds conversation and warms the spirit.  Whether you're new to wine or a grizzled veteran expert, an evening out is almost always improved with a glass of wine in hand.

In 2005, wine passed beer for the first time as the most consumed beverage by adults, according to Gallup, which has been measuring drinking preferences since 1992.  Of course, more and more wine-focused establishments, including wine bars would follow suit as wine becomes a more significant part of our culture, which is something we have lacked when compared to European nations like France, Italy and Spain.  As a bustling metropolis, Atlanta has quite a few places being categorized as wine bars, though the definition seems a little fuzzy at times.  At any rate, practically any establishment that is categorized as a wine bar or is touting a phenomenal wine list will be considered in this column.

To start things off, check out d'Vine Wine Bar in Dunwoody for a nice first date option.  This is a great little place with romantic lighting, great ambiance, and a changing selection of wines that ensures you'll try something new everytime you visit.  Bob, owner and IBM'er in a previous life, has recently expanded the bar to include an event room to host wine tastings and other parties.  They often have live music and "Uncorked Mondays" are a great deal to taste a huge list of open bottles for a low flat fee, while supplies last, of course!  To complement your wine, be sure to check out the tapas menu and especially the baked brie offering of the day, which is always phenomenal, or their ala carte cheese plates.


Find it:

5486 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA 30338, Phone: 770-350-9463