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Wine and Overalls.....Vernost Wine Company in Hennessey, OK.

Wes Hardin and Mercedes Hardin...proudly sharing their hand-bottles and hand crafted wine.
Wes Hardin and Mercedes Hardin...proudly sharing their hand-bottles and hand crafted wine.
Shelley Stutchman

Walk into the new winery in Hennessey, Ok., sit at the antique bar, look to your right, look to your left; you will see men in overalls tipping a glass of wine to their mouth, savoring the flavor. That was an unexpected sight, and very delightful.

Loyal to those that matter
Shelley Stutchman

The Vernost Wine Company is worth the travel time. Vernost means, “ loyal." The owners have take the word Vernost and added, "To Those that Matter." This has become their beautiful logo and it is something good to remember in your everyday life.

The company is family owned by Wes, Dagan, and Zach Hardin. Wes was there on the day my friends, and I visited. He told us story after story about the building, he made us laugh, and he was passionate about his wine. He said, “If you ever want a hobby in which you are a procrastinator, take up wine making, the longer it sits, the better it gets.”

Their wine is hand-bottled and hand crafted. The winery is in the second oldest building in Hennessey, constructed in 1893. It was a cigar factory, a general store, and a movie theater. Maybe they should add cigars to their inventory to come full circle.

When you converse with the owners, not only will you talk about the wine, you will talk about the history of the building. Frank Eaton, the original Pistol Pete, frequented the building, and John Wilkes Booth, lived upstairs. Wes Hardin, one of the owners said, Mr. Booth, committed suicide with arsenic and wine.

Vernost Winery is a charming find. If you are a wine snob and looking for the more sophisticated wines you will not find them at this winery; however, if you are looking for some fun and relaxation, this is the place. They have labeled their wines with a variety of interesting names.

Below is a review a few of them:

Loaded…which is a sweet white…tastes like banana and pineapple…if you close your eyes and sip it; you will feel like you are on the beach in Mexico being served around the pool.

Candied Sin…another sweet white…breathe deep, and it smells like a fresh peach. A very refreshing drink on a hot summer day. This is their best seller.

New Moon…a sweet red…I would drink this one for breakfast on a lazy day, has the distinct flavor of Welches Grape Juice.

New Found Power…another sweet red with the flavor of pomegranate. A pleasant choice. Not as sweet as their other sweet reds.

Foot To The Throat…a sangria…just made me remember a sangria made by a friend, the taste of a memory.

Far Behind…a sweet blush…their strawberry wine…fruity and tasty…would be good to drink while listening to the Beatles song, Strawberry Fields Forever.’

Tiger’s Blood…a sweet orange rose…Remember the frozen Orange Dream Cycle?

Warrior’s Call…a watermelon wine…I thought I had popped a jolly rancher in my mouth in a liquid form.

NFP II…a semi-sweet red…pomegranate mixed with cranberry…the cranberry gave it a bitter taste that did not seem to work well on my taste buds.

They also have three premier wines:

Clinkenbread…a German Reisling…good bouquet and flavor.

Epic…a Chilean Malbec…had a nice oak smell and flavor.

Wilkes Booth...a Cabernet Sauvignon…would go well with a juicy steak.

Vernost Winery is an experience for drinking fun wines. I now have two favorite toasts when I clink glasses:

1. Vernost…Loyal ( A Czechoslovakian Toast)

2. Serefe…to honor you (A Turkish Toast)

They are only open on Friday from 5:30 – 9:00 and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. They are located at 110 N Main, Hennessey, Ok. 73742

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