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Wine and food experience at Robert Mondavi Winery

Robert Mondavi Winery.
Robert Mondavi Winery.
Edgar Solís

As the wine tourism gets more competitive worldwide, Napa Valley is keeping on the forefront by adding more educational and hands on events to their repertoire. This past Tuesday June 10, 2014 Robert Mondavi Winery shared with a selected media group their dedication ceremony and dinner for the Piccolo To Kalon Garden. A great opportunity to introduce their new Garden To Table Experience.

Piccolo To Kalon Garden at Robert Mondavi Winery
Edgar Solís

Enjoy a tour of the winery and walk trough the garden where you will pick fresh in-season produce with the kitchen chefs. Chef Jeff Mosher will take you to the Mondavi Estate kitchen where you will help to prepare your own meal with the fresh ingredients you picked, a hands on cooking class. After the kitchen team helps finish the delicious dishes, you will sit outside on a country style long table with the beautiful To Kalon Vineyard as a backdrop. Enjoy your delightful 3-course meal paired with Mondavi signature wines.

While walking trough the garden enjoying a glass of the 2012 Napa Valley Fume Blanc Reserve it was great to talk to Napa Valley legend Margrit Mondavi "I remember how I started this garden over 40 years ago, with few herbs and flowers, I am so impressed with the beautiful work Chef Mosher and his kitchen team were able to accomplish in this marvelous garden," Margrit added.

Time to enjoy dinner in this beautiful summer afternoon with the stunning To Kalon Garden in the back. Chef Mosher delighted us with an amuse bush of olive oil sturgeon with parsley aioli. First course, Garden salad: beets, radishes, carrots, fennel, amaranth, lettuces, flowers, porcini soil, goat cheese fondue, red beet puree. Paired with 2012 Robert Mondavi Winery Napa Valley Fume Blanc Reserve. A pleasing wine and food experience, the bright acidity and hints of wood on the Sauvignon Blanc accented the freshness and earthy flavors on the salad.

Entrèe: Seared Five Dot Ranch rib eye, summer squash, faro, green onions, shelling peas, shaved black truffles, basil pesto. Paired with 2010 Robert Mondavi Winery Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. An elegant wine and food pairing, the very present dark fruit flavors and more savory and earthy notes on the wine let the food flavors shined trough complementing each other nicely.

Dessert: Lemon verbena ice cream, lemon cake with mixed berries. Paired with 2012 Robert Mondavi Winery Moscato D'oro. Enticing citric aromas and flavors on the ice cream and lemon cake made this dessert an excellent pairing with the citric, peach and green apple flavors and orange blossom, ripe peach aromas plus slight effervescence in the wine. Playful combination of flavors, the low sugar on the dessert balanced out with the moderate sweetness and fresh citrus notes on the wine.

Just before dessert was served, Margrit Mondavi made a toast celebrating the dedication of the Piccolo To Kalon Garden. She mentioned that it was memorable for her to have a little piece of the To Kalon parcel devoted solely to the culinary arts since it was a vineyard that her late husband Robert loved so much. As we said cheers, Mrs. Mondavi added: "wine in moderation with glorious exceptions."

After Dinner Chef Mosher gave us a tour of the garden and shared with us: "The garden contains a delicious selection of vegetables, herbs, assorted berries and fruit trees. We follow sustainable farming practices such as vermicomposting (worm farming) to produce our own worm tea natural fertilizer, honey bees, composting and other environmentally friendly protocols to ensure the health of the garden and enjoy the bounty of fresh ingredients."

You can find information about the Robert Mondavi Winery wine and food experiences at Wine & Food Programs.