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Windtalkers: Cancer and the science of fartology


In a survival situation, a moving target is more difficult to hit. Health and wellness is no different. Stay on the move, keep an open mind, take nothing for granted, avoid obstacles when you can. If you're unable to avoid certain things, learn from them and attempt to use them to your advantage. fireman

The point is to stay alive. The enemy will destroy without mercy. His name is death and he lives inside of our own head.

In an objective manner, let's take a quick look at something we're all familiar with. Pain. If we accidentally place our hand on a red-hot surface, what happens? In a healthy person, of course, the response is immediate pain. If something impedes the response, what is the result? Not good.

Well, that's all interesting but what in the hell does "fartology" have to do with a burned hand, cancer, and survival instincts you crazy bastard?

In order to keep this brief, we'll get straight to the point and leave pregnancy, purple bacteria, aliens, and Africa out of the mix.

Hydrogen sulfide is the culprit or savior, depending on your point of view. Think of pain. It may or may not be bad, again, depending on how you perceive it. Nobody enjoys pain and nobody enjoys a smelly fart. Nobody wants to see a fire crew at their home either. Shooting the fireman will not put out the fire. The only reasonable solution is to avoid a fire in the first place or to stay out-of-the-way and let the fireman do his job(if you've been unsuccessful in avoiding a fire).

All too often, our own brains get in the way and we conclude that the fireman is causing the fire because he mysteriously shows up each and every time there is a fire. We then decide to shoot the fireman.

If you're still reading, stop and ponder this for a moment.

With an open mind and in an objective manner, read this short public release, by the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, concerning colon cancer and hydrogen sulfide.

Are you able to see the connection between pain, flatulence, survival instincts, and the danger of allowing our own brains to get in the way?

Is it possible that one of the most feared diseases of our time could actually be helping us? Is it possible that the act of removing something like a tumor could be detrimental to us in some way?

If we look at these things in an objective manner, it is possible that that we may learn of a way to eliminate the need for cancer to develop in the first place. Or, perhaps, even arrive at a cure for cancer. In other words, avoid the fire or let the fireman do his job.

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