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Windows Phone and We Are Juxt team up: Blending technology and artistic imagery

At the event
At the event
Lesley Reider

Recently, Windows Phone collaborated with We Are Juxt, a group of dedicated mobile photographers, to host a photography exhibit at Artifact on the Lower East Side. Work by Bridgette Shima, Josh St. Germain, Mike Hill, Richard Koci Hernandez, Joel Aversing, Matt Coch, Brad Puet, Andre Hermann, and Jean-Brice Lemal was on display. All of these photographers used the camera on the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 1020 to shoot and edit their photos. The images captured are phenomenal, so clearly defined, and truly artistic.

In addition to the photographs, the Nokia Lumias ICON, 920, and 1020, along with other Windows devices, were showcased for guests to test out. Guests talked to representatives from the Windows team to find about the different apps, features, and benefits available on the Windows devices. Key factors that differentiate these devices include a high level of performance, how easy it is navigate between programs and apps, and the high quality of the camera along with its editing features. What a great evening filled with informative insights and remarkable photography!