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Windows Phone 7 Series makes Windows Mobile true competitor for Android, iPhone OS

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer presenting "Windows Phone 7" at the Mobile World congress.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer presenting "Windows Phone 7" at the Mobile World congress.
AP Photo/Manu Fernandez

Information on Windows Phone 7 Series hit the web today surprising many. The new Windows Mobile OS is completely re-imagined and looks nothing like the Windows Mobile OS of the past. A hands-on look at the phone can be found here

Not only has there been improvement with old features such as impressive auto-correct while typing, there are many new features as well.

New Features

  • Tiles: the home screen is now filled with icons called “Tiles”
  • MultiTouch: pinch zoom won’t make an OS, but not having it is a major problem.
  • Tabs: Web browsing now includes tabs to quickly switch between pages.
  • Integration with social networking: Facebook is so fully integrated it is hard to tell where Facebook starts and the phone ends.
  • Zune Media Technology: Instead of the terrible mobile Windows Media Player, they are using Zune style software for music and videos.
  • Bing based search Technology: click search and the phone will use Bing Technology to decide how to narrow your search automatically.
  • Xbox Live: Windows isn’t saying much on this just yet, but not only can you access your Xbox live account, but the feature will also include mobile games.

According to Bing style decision technology does not end with web searches and there are several other places where customization should be available, but isn’t. I guess if you like the decisions the Windows makes for you, you will love it. However, if you don’t agree with the phone you could be in store for some frustration.

Other possible cons include ActiveSync and transition animations. With the old Windows Mobile ActiveSync could be buggy and only worked with Microsoft Outlook, not even Outlook Express worked. Another interesting feature is the animation when you click on a Tile. It looks nice and pretty, but if you are in a hurry animations can be annoying. Oddly, the phone does not offer many other animations and appears bare bones compared to something like Android and its 3d backgrounds.

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  • imaxpower 5 years ago

    Windows Phone 7 Series has hit the web and surprising many. The new Windows Mobile OS is completely different from the windows mobile os. As everybody is thinking that it give tough competition to iphone. Lets see what will be the result.

  • Brad Haggadone 5 years ago

    While the iPhone might still be the better product, the Windows Phone 7 Series might be close enough to pull a decent number of customers away. When you take into account the likely price difference of both the phone and service, I have a feeling many people will be going with this over an iPhone.

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