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Windows of the soul

Some people call the eyes the “windows of the soul” and this seems to be appropriate when you really think about the splendor of this organ. Our eyes communicate so much both physically and spiritually. They really are extremely expressive.

What do you really see?
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Have you ever walked past a stranger and visually connected for a brief moment? This interface can be powerful. It almost feels like a soul connection with the other person but it is packaged within a greater knowing. This energy can sometimes feel negative; much like an intuitive warning. I once learned during a self-defense class that if you feel threatened by someone walking past you it is important to make eye contact with this person because this conveys confidence. It seems like criminals prey on the weak so something as small as making eye contact may divert his or her criminal intention.

Eye contact can also entice and invite. Strangers glancing playfully at one another across a crowded room welcome an encounter. discusses Pupillometry. It explains, “Our pupils dilate when we are seeing something stimulating or we are in low light. If we are aroused our pupils dilate in order to take in more of our pleasing surroundings. Often during courtship pupils stay dilated. You can tell when someone is aroused by looking closely at their pupils in constant surrounding light. Advertisers almost always widen the pupils of women in their ads because it makes their product look aroused and welcoming. When we see something negative our pupils also tend to constrict to block out the offensive imagery.”

The website offers research data about the impact of eye contact. It shares, “Numerous studies have shown that people who make higher-levels of eye contact with others are perceived as being:
• More dominant and powerful
• More warm and personable
• More attractive and likeable
• More qualified, skilled, competent, and valuable
• More trustworthy, honest, and sincere
• More confident and emotionally stable”

You must understand the impact of eye contact and when it is appropriate or not. For example, in some Eastern cultures eye contact is frowned upon.

As you strategize your life and work to gain health do not underestimate all that is you, both spiritually through your intuitive nature and physically; own this power.

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